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Keeping 40+ agencies thriving.

1M+ people impacted annually

Our network of agencies enrich the arts landscape across the state in the visual arts, theater, dance, film, music, and Native American and Western heritage. We provide financial, administrative and technical support, as well as marketing and educational opportunities, to a core group of more than 40 agencies in central Oklahoma.

the supported agencies

Allied Arts’ umbrella of support ensures a vibrant and sustainable cultural community.

We provide financial support and other resources to more than 40 local arts organizations annually. The 25 Allied Arts member agencies are listed below. Click on their logos to learn more!

More Allies

In addition to its 25 member agencies, Allied Arts provides grant awards to eligible cultural nonprofits throughout central Oklahoma. The current list of grantees is below.

your impact

Your single donation can impact more than 40 organizations – and the one million people those organizations reach through the arts.

Waive dance tuition for a student whose mother fled an abusive situation. Help that same student go on to excel in school and win math competitions.

Provide scholarships so financially-strapped families can enroll their children in arts programs.

Make it possible for a high schooler to compete in a theater competition and place in the top 10 nationally.

Give an autistic youth the ability to connect with others through enriching music programs.

Supported Agencies
Oklahoma Contemporary
Oklahoma Contemporary provides a veteran’s studio school.

Oklahoma Contemporary

“You don’t realize sometimes what’s in your own heart and mind until you start using your hands to try to create something. This is something that would help any veteran.”
Jen Pate
Army Veteran