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Allied Arts Awards Nearly $206,000 in grants to 27 Local Arts & Cultural Nonprofits

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Allied Arts announces that 205,888 in grants has been awarded to 27 local arts and cultural nonprofits through its annual grant programs focusing on two areas: Educational Outreach and Capacity Building.

“The Allied Arts Educational Outreach Program supports a broad range of programming that provides school-aged children across Oklahoma the opportunity to learn and grow through arts education and cultural experiences,” said Allied Arts President and CEO Sunny Cearley. “Donor investments in Allied Arts are directed to strong, relevant nonprofits meeting the diverse needs and populations of our community.”

The focus of the Allied Arts Educational Outreach Program is providing arts-based educational opportunities for underserved and at-risk K-12 students across the state who otherwise might not be exposed to or benefit from experiences with the arts. 

The Allied Arts Capacity-Building Program aids nonprofit arts and cultural agencies as they work to strengthen their organizational capacity to better fulfill their missions and increase access to their focus area. Examples of projects funded by this program include board and volunteer management exercises, staff development opportunities, and strategic-planning assistance. Another area of assistance is technological upgrades, which proved vital to many organizations’ survival during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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